Construction and Large Scale Developments

From tender to practical completion, we provide a fully managed ‘Construction Clean’ service that includes an assigned working supervisor and senior project manager, who will attend reviews and assist with keeping to deadlines and budgets. Our teams are trained, insured and fully conversant with site specific health and safety, ppe, site induction practices, preparation of Rams and team management.

Prior to assigning your development a professional construction cleaning team, we will attend site to consult with your project manager and quantity surveyor. A bespoke cleaning schedule will then be detailed for our teams and will include important information regarding the delicate finishes and surfaces of your development and the types of cleaning products and specialist equipment our teams will require to care for it. During your consultation we can advise and assess what combination of specialist TAG cleaning services will be required and offer advice on caring for delicate wood, metals, glass, stone, modern composites, quartz, onyx, delicate marbles and limestone.

We have a range of cleaning services to care for your development…..

Builders Clean

A builder’s clean is usually required following a professional build or refurbishment and just prior to the design teams installations. It will involve professional, detailed cleaning that can include the removal of paint, grease, grout, silicones, building dust, particulate, glue and tape residue, removal and re-application of protection, safe sticker removal from windows, doors and frames and high reach cleaning to ceiling panels, shadow gaps and delicate and complex design features. 

Sparkle Clean

A sparkle clean  is required post-builders clean and all contractor snagging attendances and usually just prior to practical completion, inspection and/or client handover. It will involve the final, fine detail cleaning of your development which will include thorough vacuuming, cleaning and dust removal to all surfaces, joinery and fixtures as well as detailed attention paid to shine and present all finishes to their very best. 

Internal and External Window and Glass Cleaning 

TAG glass operatives are trained to a very high standard and provide professional hand to glass and high reach pole cleaning services. They are trained to work at height from safety ladders, mobile scaffolding towers, site scaffolding and in the use of harnesses and building management systems.  Our glass cleaning operatives have vast experience in attending to complex and difficult to reach glass and are trained to manoeuvre safely in finished areas.  Our glass services include; internal and external windows, doors and frames, secondary glazing, glass and metal ceilings,  internal and external glass balustrades, sky lights, light wells, atriums, roof lanterns, conservatories, orangeries, pool houses, velux windows, glass partitions, chandeliers and light fittings, mirrored ceilings and walls, glass canopies, glass awnings, glass lift cars and shafts. 

External Terrace, Garden and Balcony Cleaning 

We offer a range of external jet washing and hard and soft brush cleaning services to care for balconies, terraces, front and back gardens. We can assist with the cleaning of; wood decking, composite decking, stone, limestone, marble, granite, slate, concrete, modern composites and tile. 

Mechanical Scrubbing and Buffing to Floors

Our teams can provide professional, mechanical scrubbing and buffing services for a range of floor surfaces; vinyl, stone, marble, concrete and polished concrete, metal floor tiles, including sub floor tiles and modern composites. 

Jet Washing

We offer a range of external jet washing and hard and soft brush cleaning services to care for; wood decking, composite decking, stone, limestone, marble , granite, slate, concrete, modern composites and tile. 

External Facade Cleaning

Our teams can provide professional hand to surface and high reach pole cleaning to care for external facades and signage. Our operatives can work at height from site scaffolding, mobile scaffolding towers and safety ladders. 

Maintenance Cleaning 

Once a professional sparkle clean has taken place, we can offer you a regular maintenance cleaning service to help maintain your development at sparkle clean standard until hand over. We can provide maintenance cleaning services to prepare homes for sale, to maintain show homes and marketing suites, vacant properties, rentals and holiday lets. 

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